Hmmm….. sadly the omission of romance here is NOT a surprise It is extraordinary–and highly irksome–that this list purports to champion women authors writing in non-lit genres and doesn’t mention romance. Not only is romance the genre most widely read by women; its authors are almost exclusively female. Where is…

Amy Jo Cousins

Ms. Cousins and I became Twitter pals long before I read any of her writing. A month or two into our friendship, I asked what she’d recommend to me were I to read one of her works. She generously sent me a copy of a Harlequin collection. Her novel Calling…


When I’m not immersed in words, I make jewelry. My company is the real eve and every collection has a title with a story–I can’t ever quite leave the word thing behind. This is my first the real eve piece for 2014. I made this pair while watching #buffyclub, a…


Harlequin’s fortunes have faded Take away: It’s not Harlequin. Traditional publishing is facing challenges from so many arenas. The days of traditional book hegemony are good and gone.


March Madness Love Story Style This tournament, run by Jane of and Sarah of, is great fun to do and follow. If you’re a romance reader, enter, and see how your picks turn out until a champion arises.

things I wish I'd written
0 I am currently reading After the Scandal by Elizabeth Essex. I have read all of her books. Even when her plots don’t work for me, her lanuage does. Ms. Essex writes as one who is deeply passionately and arcanely in love with words. In all of her books, Ms.…

0 Eighth grade music class in Marin County, 1974. Elephant bell jeans, macrame belts, platform sandals and John Lennon glasses. The music teacher for the school, a K-8 suburban fantasy, couldn’t have been over 25. She wore the same clothes we did, but her skin and hair glowed, and she…

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